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Are you new to breeding?

Now that you’ve decided you’re ready for your first litter, let’s go through the process step by step, so you’re well prepared to take care of your queen and her kittens.

Breeding from your cat

Learn about your cat’s pregnancy, from conception to delivery and the essential stages of your kittens’ development from birth to 13 weeks.

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Kitten Registration

Registration explained from documents to GEMS codes decoded!

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Kitten Agreement

Guidance on agreements between kitten breeders and new owners.

Specimen agreement

Kitten insurance for breeders

How to set up 5 Weeks Free insurance for your kittens when they leave for their new homes.

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GCCF Breeding Policy

The General Breeding Policy offers advice and guidance for the dedicated and ethical breeder.

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GCCF Code of Ethics

Registered owners of all GCCF registered cats/kittens accept the jurisdiction of GCCF and undertake to abide by this general code of ethics.

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Health Testing

Genetic testing for inherited diseases and subsequent selective breeding by cat breeders can, over several years, make large differences to the prevalence of these diseases in the population.

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Genetic Testing

Genetic testing service to owners and breeders.

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How to safely feed a newborn kitten.

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Pet insurance for cat owners