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Policies and information

The GCCF operates a genetic based register, and it is fundamental to its ethos that it safeguards the health and integrity of all breeds recognised for inclusion on that register.

GCCF Breeding Policy   

The General Breeding Policy offers advice and guidance for the dedicated and ethical breeder.

Policy document

GCCF Outcrossing Policy

Outcrossing is one of the most important tools that can be used by breeders to maintain or improve their breed’s genetic health.

Policy document

Analysis of breeds registered  

The GCCF recognises 40 different cat breeds. This page gives the statistics for registrations by breed since 1997, plus information on new breeds or those not recognised by GCCF.

Breed statistics

Registered prefixes  

A GCCF Prefix allows all the cats you register to be identifiable as yours by the prefix before the cat’s name. Each Prefix is unique on our system.

Current list

Admin prefixes

All breeders who do not have their own GCCF prefix will have their litters registered under a GCCF allocated admin prefix; this is updated every January.

Current list

GCCF is a member of PAAG

Pet Advertising Advisory Group. We are an advisory group made up of animal welfare organisations, trade associations and veterinary bodies.

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