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Registered Prefixes

If you are looking to apply for your own GCCF Prefix, this link here will allow you to send yourself all of the information in an email.

A GCCF Prefix allows all the cats you register to be identifiable as yours by the prefix, which is before the cat’s name. Each Prefix is required to be unique on our system. Although we have over 30,000 prefixes registered with the GCCF, it is fortunate that most breeders are able to register their first choice, although we do ask for alternatives just in case of a clash. Please note that the prefix forms part of the name and therefore if you choose a long prefix you may find yourself having cats called Tom, Tim, Sam etc. We offer a substantial discount on the kitten registration fee for breeders with a prefix.

The procedure to obtain a prefix is completion of an application form which includes a sign-off by one of your clubs and submission of this with the current fee. Alternatively, you can submit a prefix application and relevant fees online via your GCCF profile by selecting ‘Apply for a prefix’. The fee (see price list) may seem a lot to some but the discount on the kitten registration fee mean this is repaid in two or 3 litters depending on the number of kittens registered.

Prefixes are approved by the Board of Directors and published on the website prior to final approval. An approved prefix is however applicable for use from the date the paid application was received. Please note that Directors are duty bound to accept prefixes that are presented to them that conform to the rules (see below).

The detailed rules for prefixes can be found in the GCCF Rules, Section 1:11 (available for a small fee post free from the office). Further advice is available from our prefix administrator on

The current list of GCCF registered prefixes can be downloaded from the list on the right of the page. This list is a complete list as accepted by the GCCF to date.

Please check the GCCF Suspension List for any Prefixes whose owners have been suspended by the GCCF Disciplinary Committee before contacting the owner/s with view to purchasing any cats as the GCCF will not accept any registrations or transfers of cats to new owners from those suspended breeders.

Should you have a change of name and/or address please download this form. NB This is not to be used for change of ownership of a prefix. Please apply direct to the GCCF Office for this service.

Prefixes shown below this note were approved by the Board  and are being notified for 21 days prior to final acceptance (any comments should be sent to List updated 16th May 2024.