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For the more experienced breeder

If you are already a breeder, this section provides key information you need.  If you decide you would like a refresher on pregnancy and kitten development, visit “new to breeding”.

Keeping a stud   

While there are a number of reasons why you may be thinking of keeping a stud cat, the most important goal, above all else, should be to improve the breed.

Your role


A prefix is an exclusive word that is associated with you and your cats.  Known as your ‘breeder signature’ a prefix will identify your kittens aside from those of anyone else.

Prefix application

Breeders Scheme

The Scheme was created to provide a trustworthy environment for new owners to find a kitten that suits them.

Find breeders & kittens

Import & export  

This page will give you the details you need to register an imported cat with GCCF, and the requirements for exporting

Essential information

Breed Advisory Committees  

There is a BAC for each breed with responsibility for the interests of the cats of its breed by monitoring and maintaining its Breeding Policy, Registration Policy and the SOP.

Breeders & Judges


The forms and documents you may need can be downloaded from this area. All forms are in PDF format unless otherwise specified.

Download here

Pet insurance for cat owners