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Breed Advisory Committees

What is a Breed Advisory Committee (BAC)?

A Breed Advisory Committee (BAC) is a committee of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

There is a BAC for each breed with a responsibility to work in the interests of the cats of its Breed by establishing, monitoring and maintaining its Breeding Policy, Registration Policy and the Standards of Points. The BAC also monitors the training and performance of the Judges on its list and candidates wishing to become Judges within its Probationer Judge Appointment Scheme. The BAC also provides a forum for discussion between the Constituent Clubs. A BAC considers all aspects of its particular breed within its Section.

The BAC operates in accordance with its Constitution which is based on a GCCF template for BACs and after personalisation to meet specific BACs purposes is approved by the GCCF’s Board of Directors. Once formed the BAC become the sole group recognised as the advisory/recommending body to the GCCF Council for that Breed.

Follow the links to see the Philosophy, Constitution and Rules of Procedure for appointing Judges.

The BAC nominates persons who have satisfied the BAC as to their suitability to become a Judge, to the GCCF Council for appointment as a Probationer or Full Judge of their breed. It also maintains contact with Judges on their Breed Judge List to keep them aware of any objectives in the development of the breed(s) and any amendments to the Standards of Points. Monitoring the ability and progress of Probationer Judges in their BAC Scheme is a key activity together with providing advice, training and tuition as required.

The committee organises seminars to communicate and debate current affairs with all Judges on their Breed Judge List, Breeders and Exhibitors and facilitates practical demonstrations and training for stewards and Judges.  A dowloadable sample seminar entry form in Word format is available in the list on the right of this page.

In the scope of the breeds for which the BAC is responsible, the BAC makes proposals to the GCCF Board of Directors on matters relating to Standards of Points, Registration Policies, advancement of status and applications for new coat colours or patterns. Such proposals are the sole prerogative of the BAC.

A breed group may consist of a single breed (e.g. Korat, Cornish Rex) or all colours and patterns of a breed (e.g. Persian, Exotic, British, Asian, Burmese, Siamese).

BAC History

Prior to the BAC system being set up, Judges were appointed to lists which might consist of a single colour of a breed (e.g. Blue Persian, Chinchilla, Havana) or a large group (e.g. British, Burmese, Siamese) and had to apply separately for each list. The BAC system amalgamated many of the single colour lists into groups, so that Judges would be appointed to all breeds within that group.

BAC Websites

Some BAC’s have very informative websites that not only describe the BAC function, its Members but gives good information about their specific breeds.