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Thinking of breeding?

Today’s cat breeders have many things to consider when choosing cats to use for breeding, and responsible breeders will consider the health of their kittens to be a priority.

Breeding for beginners

The role of breeder comes with responsibilities to the queen and her kittens, as well as their new owners.

First steps

Basic cat genetics

All domestic cats are descended from a wild ancestor; over generations, selective breeding has been used to produce the pedigree breeds we see today.

Genetic information

Breeding Policies

Breeding policies apply to all breeds recognised by the GCCF and are intended to provide guidelines to ensure healthy breeding practice.

Overview & specifics

Registration Policies

Registration Policies determine how the progeny from various possible matings will be registered, in order to ensure and maintain breed characteristics.

Overview & specifics


10 Questions to ask yourself before you become a cat breeder.

What’s your reason?

Vaccinating cats and kittens

Cat and kitten vaccinations help to protect your pets from severe infectious diseases.

Protect your pet

Pet insurance for cat owners