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Cats and coronavirus – The British Veterinary Association

By 12 April 2021September 24th, 2021No Comments

The British Veterinary Association has clarified its position in light of a report on the BBC news website relating to cats and coronavirus. See BVA website article.

Please note that there is no absolute compulsory requirement to keep a cat indoors.

In addition:

  1. Consider seriously whether your cat needs to go out depending on your situation and your cats temperament ie use common sense and assess the risk of your cat coming into close contact with people and other pets and also any increased risk to the cat itself in your particular area. If your cat is happy to stay indoors it may be the safest option in some areas.
  2. In particular, consider keeping your cat indoors if very friendly and has a habit of approaching strangers for attention and/or entering neighbours houses.
  3. If your cat is stressed by confinement and needs to go out for health reasons consider a safety collar with a clear DO NOT TOUCH message.
  4. If anyone in your household has been diagnosed with Covid19 or has symptoms of Covid19 infection or is in self isolation keep your cat indoors if at all possible. If you have to let your cat out for welfare reasons, please, for the sake of others, try to avoid all close contact with him/her and adopt strict hygiene procedures as advised by the Government.

Please also see the LINK to information from International Cat Care and International Society of Feline Medicine