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Veterinary Notice

Contagious Disease Warning

By 7 April 2022No Comments

It has come to our attention that a number of cats who attended Preston and Blackpool CC Show on 27/3/2022 have since developed symptoms of vomiting and loss of appetite. A few cats have shown slight transient diarrhoea but this does not seem to be a common symptom.  The symptoms developed about 3 days after the show and unfortunately the condition has been passed on to other cats in affected households.  British Shorthair cats penned in close proximity were mainly affected but a few Siamese and OSH have also shown symptoms.  In one household all the remaining 7 cats were infected by just 2 who attended the show.  The exact cause is unknown but a virus is suspected – possibly a particularly infectious variant of FeCov.  Fortunately most affected cats seem to recover fully within a week of first showing symptoms.

In view of these events the following advice is given to those attending shows in the near future.


If you exhibited at Preston and Blackpool or any other recent show and your cat/s have been affected please do NOT attend a show this weekend.  Please remember that when signing the show declaration you undertake not to show any cat from your household if any cats have shown signs of an infectious disease in the month prior to the show.

Although the disease is generally mild please contact your vet if you have any concerns.  Affected cats who have vomited frequently may need supportive treatment including dietary modification, fluid therapy, anti- sickness medication and appetite stimulants.  Very young and very old cats are likely to be particularly vulnerable.


If you see any evidence of vomit or diarrhoea in a cat’s pen do not open the door and call the duty vet

Please be extremely thorough with all hygiene precautions.  Hands and lower arms should be thoroughly disinfected with the Safe4 disinfectant provided and wiped dry with paper towel between every cat.  NB: Safe4 is very skin friendly at the correct dilution.

Please judge cats on the trolley and do not hold cats against your body as your coat cannot be disinfected between cats.


Please brief your duty vet about the problem and make sure the whole vetting-in team is aware of the need to be very diligent with hygiene precautions between every household.  Any cat showing evidence of vomiting/diarrhoea should be rejected under Section C at vetting-in along with any other accompanying cats from the same household.

Any cat showing signs of vomiting/diarrhoea during judging should be rejected under section C.  Any other cats from the same household must be similarly rejected.  Ideally the cats should be sent home and not put in isolation.  If this is not possible please try not to isolate cats rejected for other reasons in the same room as those with gastro-intestinal symptoms.

The GCCF apologises for any inconvenience caused by these precautions but they are there for the welfare of our cats.