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Covid-19 Update re the vaccination of kittens – Tuesday, 13th April 2021

By 13 April 2021September 24th, 2021No Comments

RCVS guidance allows practices in each of the UK administrations to provide a more normal range of services to clients in accordance with their professional judgement from the following dates: Wales 22 March; Scotland 5 April; England and Northern Ireland 12 April.

Nearly all veterinary practices throughout the UK have arrangements in place to carry out routine procedures including vaccination and neutering. From 12 April some are beginning to admit clients to waiting rooms again, allowing for social distancing.

Therefore the temporary concession to allow 12 week old kittens to go to their new homes without their full course of vaccinations (a suspension of rule Section1:10 bii) is now removed. All breeders using GCCF’s registration services for any of their kittens must comply in full with the vaccination rules for all of them.

Breeders are advised to: make early bookings for appointments for the first vaccination of kittens, or inform the Office immediately if your vet is not offering kitten vaccinations so that advice can be given if there are genuine difficulties

It should also be noted that the concession AGRIA had in place for the ‘5 weeks free’ cover re kittens and puppies going to new homes unvaccinated is no longer valid. The original terms and conditions apply and a kitten going to a new home without completing its course of vaccinations will not be covered by the insurance provided.