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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The UK's Premier Registration body

Council Meeting

Meeting of Council Wednesday 14th June 2017
Conway Hall, Holborn, London at midday

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Notice of Council Meeting

President and Vice-President elections: nominations for President and Vice-President should be emailed to the office at info@gccfcats.org or by post to the address below. Please include a brief explanation of why you feel they would be suitable for for the position.

Chairman, Vice-Chairman & Directors - Role descriptions can be found by clicking here also please note Directors Code of Conduct and Directors Declaration of Office

Announcement for the June 2017 elections - Investigations, Disciplinary & Appeals Committees see also IC DC Declaration of Office

Officer, Director and Committee Nominations

Supplementary Agenda
Draft Minutes

June 2017 Council AGM Attendance List

Breakdown of income and expenditure for the 2016 GCCF Supreme Cat Show - NEW

Loan Statement of thanks
Draft Accounts

Explanation of Computer Software Depreciation - NEW
Management Accounts
April Transaction Graphs

Proposed Changes to GCCF Byelaw
Proposal from West of England & South Wales Cat Society

IC/DC Report
Show Structure Review Group
GCCF proposed groups based on the FIFE System
Show day and Certificate allocation if following the 4 group Format
Show Section Diagrams

Judges training concerns from Club and response - NEW

Silver Bengals letter re silver status
Silver Bengals Standard of Points
Registration Policy for Bengal cats
Rationale for Asian Registration Policy and Standard of Point changes
Asian Registration Policy for June Council changes
Asian Standard of Points for June Council changes
Tonkinese Registration Policy proposal
Persian Longhair BAC Standard of Points
Korat & Thai Registration Policy

Proposed changes to GCCF Judge Appointment Scheme
Proposed changed to wording of GCCF Judge Appointment Scheme

Judge Appointment Scheme concerns from a club and an open response from the Review Groups