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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The UK's Premier Registration body


Council Meeting

Meeting of Council 

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Comments on the previous minutes are asked to be forwarded to GCCF at info@gccfcats.org well in advance of the meeting to allow response or correction before the meeting thus allowing the maximum time for ordinary business.

If these are not currently underlined then these documents will be updated later, please try again another time. You can subscribe to website updates here.

Meetings of Council are currently suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Board has agreed that club and BAC business should be published for query and objection. If there are no objections (or any objections are resolved) then approval will be dated from 28 days after the website publication. NB. It is Council delegates that are entitled to raise objections. If you wish to comment and are not a delegate then please contact your club committee who will pass it to the club delegate at their discretion.

Comments and questions from delegates on any agenda item will be taken from publication until T.B.A.  Please use email and post.  The intention is to read them out and answer them on the day.

Council Agenda

Supplementary Agenda

Minutes - 13 March 2021

Draft Accounts to 31 December 2020

Veterinary Advisory Committee Statement regarding reducing vetting in to spot checks

Russian Registration Policy

Member Role Descriptions for the Investigation & Disciplinary Committees

Investigation Committee - Code of Conduct

Disciplinary Committee - Code of Conduct

Statements for IC      Dr Gillian Bennett      Esther Rabone-Gunn

Statements for DC     Helen Crea      Ed Merchant      Pat Perkins      Owen Maudlin

Siamese Cat Club - class structure proposal

Maine Coon CC - proposals

Show Season proposal

Olympian proposal

Certificate of Entirety proposal - rule change

British Ragdoll Cat Club - proposal re. mating certificates

IT Progress Report

Welfare Report

Cat Welfare Trust Report

IC Report

Breeder's Scheme Update