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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The UK's Premier Registration body


Council Meeting

Meeting of Council Wednesday, 10 June 2020 - meeting cancelled


GCCF 2020 Elections - Key Dates                GCCF 2020 Elections - FAQs

List of nominations for GCCF Officer and Committee Roles


Vice Chairman

Peter Collin

John H Hansson

Shelagh Heavens

Sally Rainbow-Ockwell

Board of Directors

Pat Cherry

Steve Crow

Sue Dalton-Hobbs

Hilary Dean

Sarndra Devereux

Ketill Game

John H Hansson

Jen Lacey

Anna McEntee

Carol Pike

Sally Rainbow-Ockwell

Lyndsey Robinson

Peter Williams

Finance Committee

Maria Chapman-Beer

Steve Crow

Hilary Dean

Gavin Eyres

Rosemary Fisher

Ketill Game

Thomas Goss

Shelagh Heavens

Jen Lacey

Sally Rainnbow-Ockwell

Investigations Committee

Charlotte Davey

Professor Kym Jarvis

Claire Lewis

The 2020 GCCF elections are being run by CIVICA, formerly known as Electoral Reform Services (ERS). CIVICA are the UK’s leading provider of election services, with over 100 years’ experience of administering elections, ballots and consultation processes.

Following the agreement of the resolution to enable a ‘virtual’ vote this year, the GCCF Board have liaised with CIVICA to plan the election, and we are pleased to be able to confirm the details.

The election process has been scheduled to take place between 30 September and 18 November 2020. Key stages of the process are outlined in the GCCF 2020 ELECTIONS – KEY DATES document. By starting on 30 September 2020, we can enable dispensation clubs (if approved) to fully participate including nominating (as agreed by the majority of the GCCF Board).

The Board and CIVICA have produced a frequently asked questions (FAQs) document GCCF 2020 ELECTIONS - FAQs which should cover any key questions you may have about the election process.

CIVICA will be in touch will all delegates on 30 September with details of how to nominate and vote. A link for self-nomination for Investigations and Disciplinary Committee elections will be published on the GCCF website on 30 September.

GCCF Board of Directors            18.09.2020

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Comments on the previous minutes are asked to be forwarded to GCCF at info@gccfcats.org well in advance of the meeting to allow response or correction before the meeting thus allowing the maximum time for ordinary business.

If these are not currently underlined then these documents will be updated later, please try again another time. You can subscribe to website updates here.

Meetings of Council are currently suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Board has agreed that club and BAC business should be published for query and objection. If there are no objections (or any objections are resolved) then approval will be dated from 28 days after the website publication. NB. It is Council delegates that are entitled to raise objections. If you wish to comment and are not a delegate then please contact your club committee who will pass it to the club delegate at their discretion.

Electronic Agenda

Club Delegates List 2020

Club Dispensation List

Siberian Registration Policy amendments

Oriental SOP amendments

Ragdoll Registration Policy

Provisional GCCF membership for the Ragdoll CA UK (for information only)

GCCF Ltd Accounts to 31 December 2019

Supreme Show Account analysis

Investigation Committee Report 2019

Suffolk SOP

Chartreux SOP

Chartreux Registration Policy