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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The UK's Premier Registration body


Council Meeting

Meeting of Council Wednesday, 17th October 2018
Conway Hall, Holborn, London at 1 p.m.

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Comments on the previous minutes are asked to be forwarded to GCCF at info@gccfcats.org well in advance of the meeting to allow response or correction before the meeting thus allowing the maximum time for ordinary business.

Nominations for the Appeals Committee can be found here

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Delegate's pack 

You no longer have to be a delegate to stand for GCCF’s three Disciplinary Committees (Appeals, Disciplinary and Investigations).

For those interested there are just two criteria:

1.    You must be bound by GCCF rules (be a GCCF owner, breeder and/or exhibitor).

2.    Have some qualifications and experience in GCCF and/or your everyday life that make you suitable

Your signature will be on a registration, transfer and/or show entry to prove the first, so make sure you supply your name and address for a computer check. (You can give your address separately if you do not wish it to be printed).

For the second, read the role descriptions that follow this announcement carefully and make an application. You will also find it useful to look at page 8 in the GCCF Byelaws where the Committees are defined.

Elections for the Appeals Committee will be held at the October Meeting.

If you are interested in joining the Appeals Committee, you should write an application statement, using no more than one side of A4 paper, which describes how you fulfil the qualities required for the role.  The two members standing down, and those who are currently Appeals Committee reserves, are eligible to stand.

If you are/have been on the committee don’t forget to include this. However, experience from your other hobbies, or from qualifications and employment may be relevant, so let delegates know about this. You do not have to be a lawyer, we simply seek the right people, who are passionate about maintaining fairness and justice in GCCF.

Send in your application to the GCCF Office. You can do this by email or post. All applications received will be published with the Council agenda, so be aware that information you give will be in the public domain.

Good Luck!  

Committee Member Role Descriptions

Ability to read and assess large quantities of written information, discretion, analytical powers, and impartial judgement.

(If anyone requires further information, or has questions, please contact the GCCF Office)

If elected to the GCCF Board of Directors you cannot serve on the Appeals Committee and there will be only two Board members on the Investigation Committee. (If more than two Board members stand it will be the two who poll the highest number of votes.) 

All members of the Disciplinary Committees will be required to sign a Code of Conduct in accordance with Byelaw 11(11). Please read this in advance and do not stand for election if you would not wish to sign to accept the Declaration of Office.