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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The UK's Premier Registration body

Council Meeting

Meeting of Council Wednesday 21st February 2018
Conway Hall, Holborn, London at 1pm

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Comments on the previous minutes are asked to be forwarded to GCCF at info@gccfcats.org well in advance of the meeting to allow response or correction before the meeting thus allowing the maximum time for ordinary business.

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Notice of Council Meeting

Council Meeting Agenda 
Draft Minutes of Previous Meeting to be considered and approved at this meeting
June 2017 Council AGM Attendance List
Supplementary Agenda

October Management Accounts
December Transaction Graphs

13 Day Rule Proposal

Veterinary Advisory Committee Statement re. 13 Day Rule Proposal

Golden Pointed British Shorthair First Application
Australian Mist Breed Advisory Committee Rationale
Australian Mist SOP and Registration Policy
Exotic Breed Advisory Committee Rationale
Exotic Registration Policy 

Exotic Registration Policy - amended introductory page
Persian Registration Policy proposed amendments

Persian Longhair Registration Policy
Russian Registration Policy
Tonkinese Breed Advisory Committee Letter
Tonkinese Registration Policy
British Shorthair Registers explained
British Shorthairs Red and Cream SOP
Blue Tipped and Blue Golden Exotic SOP

Shaded Cameo Bi-Colour Exotic SH SOP
Tipped Bi-Colour Exotic SH SOP
Change to EGM and FOR OSH OLH and OBI SOPs
Show, BAC and Judge Training Review Group

Notes to Clubs and Delegates
Business Achievements