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Veterinary Notice

Feline Blood Bank

By 7 March 2023No Comments

We are pleased to let all cat owners know that the law relating to feline blood donation in the UK has changed.  Until recently it has been illegal to import and store feline blood and sick/injured cats needing a blood transfusion could only receive one if a suitable cat donor was available at the time.  Sadly this often meant that the cats needing blood could not be saved.

Now, although import of blood is still illegal, the law does permit collection and storage of feline blood provided strict rules issued by the VMD are followed. These rules include many that are in place to ensure that the welfare of both donor and recipient cats is a priority.

A Portugese organisation (BSA) is now setting up a feline blood bank in the UK.  The first blood collection session is taking place on the 12th March at the London Cat Clinic. They are desperately in need of suitable donor cats.  Cats volunteered for this by their owners will receive a very thorough health check including blood tests, blood pressure measurement and an echocardiogram. The donor cats owners will receive a £50 Pets At Home Voucher.  Approximately 40-50 ml of blood is taken from a cat at a session.  For show cats the procedure can be done with minimal or no shaving at all.  This issue will be fully discussed with you once you have registered your cat for the service.

If you live in the London area and are interested in providing a donor cat on March 12th please read this information sheet (attached)

and email the London Cat Clinic using the following address:

The BSA is planning to hold blood collection sessions at many locations throughout the UK. If interested in registering your cat for future sessions in your area please contact the BSA by email as follows:

Please read the information sheet below before you contact them to make sure your cat is eligible to be a donor. The requirements are strict but are necessary to ensure a cat is fully fit to donate blood.

An easier way of registering your cat as a feline blood donor with BSA is now available online.

Either scan the  QR Code in the photo or follow this link to the BSA website:

It will take you to the Donor Inscription (ie Registration) page where you can  complete the online form.

NB: Please note that when you type in the CAPTCHA code in the small box on left you can’t actually see what you type but it does work if you get the letters correct.

Further information about feline blood collection can also be found via this link: