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GCCF Ukraine Appeal – Update

By 5 August 2022No Comments

We are pleased to have received this update from Pat Murchison, the Volunteer Grants Manager at British charity, Nowzad, following our recent donation of £26,492.64 to their Ukraine Appeal:

Further to our correspondence I am pleased to send you some recent photographs.  Pen Farthing and David Hill (our UK Fundraising and Logistical Manager) have just returned from Ukraine and Poland.  We initially had a small warehouse on the border but are now moving to a larger secure warehouse in Lviv.  Pen and David took large supplies of cat food and enough flea and tick treatments for 2,000 cats.  We are now purchasing more supplies of cat food and veterinary medicines/treatments and another consignment will be going across in September.  Whilst there, they met with our warehouse manager who is supervising the transfer and audit of supplies to the new warehouse. Importantly too, they met with our  in-country manager who is responsible for identifying the shelters and immediate areas of need. Both of our trusted  Ukrainian managers are extremely dedicated and motivated.

You can be assured that your wonderful funding is helping many cats who are in dire need.  We will be sure to keep you updated.

Sending sincere thanks from the Nowzad team