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Getting a Cat

“Cats choose us; we don’t own them.”

Kristin Cast

Let us help you make the right choices as you prepare to bring your new feline friend home. We have information and advice on care for your pet.

Choosing which breed is right for you

Do you live in a flat or a house? Do you have a taste for the unusual or a British classic?

Advice for finding a

Breeders who register with GCCF are bound by a Code of Ethics so you know you are getting a kitten raised with care.

Bringing your kitten home

Everything you need to know to prepare your home for
your new arrival. From what to buy to
what to hide away.

Caring for your cat

From bringing it home to taking to the vet and looking after it
and giving it its’ best life, we have
all the advice you need.

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