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Bringing your new cat home

Collecting your new feline companion is an exciting moment. Make sure you are well prepared before going to pick up your kitten, so you both have a relaxed journey home.

Day 1

The first settling-in week can be overwhelming for a young kitten. Help them to gently discover their new family and surroundings.

Coming home

Feeding your kitten

Your breeder will have provided you with a diet sheet, follow those guidelines to ensure the move is smooth and stress-free.

Feeding routine

Introducing children

Cats and kids can get a lot from one another as long as time is taken to ensure they are comfortable together.

Dos and don’ts

Integrating with older cats

The most important step in adding another cat to your home is careful consideration of your current cat’s personality.

The introduction process

Integrating with dogs

Dogs and cats can be good friends, but integration takes time and patience.

Take your time

Microchip your cat

Learn why it’s important to microchip your cat

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