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Choosing the breed for you?

There are many important considerations before getting a kitten or cat. Discover if you’re ready for the commitment. Pedigree or Rescue? Let us help you find your new family pet.

Cat Breeds

GCCF recognises 40 different cat breeds, find out which one best suits your lifestyle. Learn about the pros and cons of owning any breeds you’re considering.

Breed check list

Rescue & Rehoming

If you’re considering a pedigree rescue, our breed clubs may be able to give you expert advice. Read more about the wonderful work of rescue organisations and how to adopt.

Rescue information

Choosing a Kitten

Regardless of the breed of cat you choose, it’s important that the parents are appropriately health tested, the kitten is registered and comes from responsible breeders.

What to expect

Code of Ethics

Taking the time to find a great breeder will increase your chances of getting the right kitten. GCCF Breeders are committed to Rules and a Code of Ethics.

For breeders & owners

Cat Care Advice

What is the right litter tray and litter for my cat?

Find out more

Cat Friendly? 

Why is it so important for you and your cat.

Find a cat friendly clinic

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