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Section 2 – SEMI LONGHAIR – Group 1

The breed name RagaMuffin came about because the original gene pool developed from the street cats of Riverside and the M is capitalised because (according to a founding US breeder) they are big huggable, loveable Muffins.

The overall impression should be one of a large, muscular, heavy cat; every possible colour and pattern is allowable. These semi-longhaired cats have a dense silky coat like that of a heavily furred rabbit and their fur grows longer around the neck and face (ruff), increasing in length toward the stomach and gives a wispy frill on the hind legs. Although still fairly new to the UK, their popularity is growing steadily.


If you are wondering if the RagaMuffin is related to the Ragdoll, the answer is yes. Some breeders wanted to introduce new colours and patterns while others thought it was important to widen the breed’s gene pool. Because the breeding of Ragdolls was strictly controlled by that breed’s founder, a new group formed to create its own breed. They outcrossed to Persians, Himalayans and domestic longhaired cats to increase the size and to bring about other changes in appearance that would differentiate the RagaMuffin from the Ragdoll. The name RagaMuffin was chosen in part as an homage to the founding breed.

Appearance and Colours

The RagaMuffin is a large muscular cat that does not reach full maturity until they are approximately four years old; the females can be substantially smaller than the males. The look of the body is rectangular with a broad chest and powerful shoulders supporting a short neck. They look at the world through walnut-shaped eyes which give a sweet appearance and come in an array of colours such as blue, green, gold, amber and aqua. They have tufts of fur in their ears and between their toes. These longhaired cats have a dense silky coat like that of a heavily furred rabbit and their fur grows longer around the face and neck (ruff) increasing in length towards the stomach and gives a wispy frill on the hind legs. Every possible colour and pattern is allowed (with the exception of the Siamese Colourpointed Patten), with little emphasis placed on perfection and markings. The RagaMuffin comes in a rainbow of colours and patterns, both with and without white, that include: Colours – seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, mink, sable, black, red, silver, shaded, smoke, cameo and cream; Patterns – Bi-colour, mitted, solid, tabby and tortie.


The only extreme allowed in this breed is its very docile nature. These cats love people and are extremely affectionate and cuddly, with a tendency to go limp/relaxed when held; they will do nearly anything for a tummy rub. Whilst not terribly athletic, they love playing, climbing scratch posts, chasing laser lights and fetching toys. They greet family members and strangers at the door. RagaMuffins remain underfoot and want involvement in what their owners do. They get on very well with other pets and children too although they can adapt to a wide range of lifestyles. They are never aloof and thrive on companionship. The calm and even-tempered RagaMuffin is an ideal family cat. He or she does not mind being held or carried around by a child or dressed up and pushed in a doll’s pram. They are playful and smart – one of those cats who enjoys playing fetch and learning tricks and they have an energy level which means they will not wear out before the child does!! The RagaMuffin is also friendly toward other pets including dogs, other cats, birds, rodents and lizards. To this gentle giant, everyone is his friend. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to introduce pets slowly and in controlled circumstances to ensure that they learn to get along together.


The RagaMuffin has a soft, plush, low maintenance coat which is easily cared for with a few minutes of brushing or combing once or twice a week. The RagaMuffin’s soft coat is long but its texture is tangle-resistant. Weekly brushing or combing is all that is needed to remove dead hairs and keep it looking beautiful. Females usually weigh 10 to 15 lbs and some males weigh more than 20 lbs. The lifespan of the RagaMuffin is 12 to 16 years.


To protect the breed and to start with a good healthy solid foundation, all the cats imported into the UK that GCCF breeders are working with have been DNA tested negative for HCM and PKD as will all further imported RagaMuffins. There are currently no reported problems in this breed.