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Section 6 – SIAMESE & ORIENTAL – Group 2

The graceful Balinese can be described as a Siamese cat in a long coat. The fine-boned, slim Balinese is a stylish cat with a slender body. The coat of a Balinese is fine and silky which lies close to the body and the lack of an undercoat reduces the likelihood of matting. The Balinese is a vocal cat that enjoys ‘chatting’ with you. If you are looking for an interactive, vocal cat then the graceful Balinese may be for you.


The Balinese first appeared in America in the 1940s when longhaired kittens regularly appeared in Siamese to Siamese matings. Thebreeders in America who decided to breed the longhairs carefully preserved the Siamese background and permitted no other breeds in their breeding. Therefore it can safely be said that the Balinese are derived only from Balinese and Siamese bloodlines. In 1973 a Balinese male and his variant daughter were imported; no other Balinese were imported until the late 1970s when one male and five females came to Britain. Balinese achieved Championship status in 1986.

Appearance and Colours

The Balinese was originally recognised in four colours – seal (dark brown), blue, chocolate and lilac – but the colour palette was then increased to include, red, cream, caramel and apricot. Solid, tortie and tabby-coloured points are breed. Balinese are sleek, dainty cats with long tubular bodies. Their pointed pattern means colour is restricted to the face (mask), ears, legs and tail, with a contrasting creamy white body. They have brilliant blue eyes.


Extremely loving, inquisitive and playful, they demand lots of attention and game- playing. Balinese get on well with children and other pets and fit easily into the family. Remember though they are chatty and have high energy levels! Considered to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds.


The silky single coat makes the Balinese one of the easier longhaired cats to keep in perfect condition.  The fur rarely tangles and a quick comb-through will remove any loose hairs.  Other grooming would include making sure ears and eyes are clear and regular trimming of nails. While dainty and elegant, this is a cat that is all muscle.  The Balinese is medium-sized, with males weighing 6 to 8 lbs and females ranging from 5 to 7 lbs. Life span is 18 to 22 years.


Because of its links to the Siamese the Balinese may suffer from similar inherited disorders. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) has been identified in the breed.