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General Notice

Import of cats from Belarus, Poland, Romania or Ukraine

By 11 July 2022July 12th, 2022No Comments

We have just been informed that the commercial import of dogs, cats and ferrets to Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) from Belarus, Poland, Romania or Ukraine has been suspended effective 09/07/2022 until 03/09/2022.


This ban has been effective from 14 April and this is the second time it’s been extended. However, it does say ‘commercial’ import and this is critical. It’s possible it would not apply to one or two cats if they were considered to be pets.

Anyone planning to import from any of those countries should check carefully before any travel is arranged that the cat(s) they want would not be defined by DEFRA as ‘commercial imports’.

If you want direct information you can contact the APHA – their number for import queries is 03000 200 301.

A website page with other ways of contacting them is