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General Notice

Notice regarding Vaccination Rule (5/3) for shows

By 18 May 2022No Comments

There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding the timing of the 3rd dose of the primary course(D3).  This is the first adult vaccination and as it is part of the primary course should NOT be referred to as a booster.

Please note that the temporary extension of the permitted dose interval from 12-15 months, due to the Covid related vaccine shortage applies only to boosters given after the primary course has been completed.  The rule for the primary course remains unchanged as correct timing is essential for its efficacy in establishing full immunity.

This means that if showing a young cat do ensure that the interval between the second kitten vaccination (D2) and D3 does not exceed 12 months and 7 days on show day or your cat will be rejected.  If more than 12 months and 7 days has passed from D2 please do not take your cat to a show until 7 days after D3 (1st adult vaccination).  Dose 3 can be given as a single dose until 15 months has passed after D2.

If you do allow more than 15 months to elapse after D2 was given your cat will need a restart of the primary course to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations and the GCCF vaccination rule.  Please do not let this happen.  Vaccine supplies are improving, and vets know to prioritise administration of the primary course.

For the complete updated guide to the vaccination rule please use the following link.