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Agria rehoming

Rescue a Rescue in 2022

You can help Agria to Rescue a Rescue in 2022!

As we all know, it’s not the easiest start to 2022 for the UK’s animal rescues, so Agria would love your help to give them a boost, with a £200 donation and support for the long-term.

Did you know that so far, Agria has protected over 60,000 rehomed animals as they make a fresh start in their forever homes? They also give ongoing fundraising support to hundreds of animal rescues, and have donated over £1 million to animal charities.

And with your help they can do even more! Every pet deserves another chance.

Meet the Agria Rehoming Team

Did you know that the specialist Rehoming Team at Agria Pet Insurance has a combined over 70 years of experience in the rescue sector?

The team is dedicated to helping adopted animals, and their new owners, by giving them access to 5 Weeks Free Insurance policies. But unlike other providers, this free cover, and continuing lifetime policies, have no upper age limit for animals rehomed by an Agria partner.

For potential adopters, the reassurance of insurance cover for both the short and longer term has a real impact on the outcomes for older animals. Without the security of backup for higher vets’ bills typically associated with more senior pets, potential owners can overlook them – leaving them ‘stuck’ in a rescue, unable to find a forever home.

As well as mixed species and cat or dog only rescues, the Agria Rehoming Team works in partnership with a significant and growing number of the UK’s breed rescues. This is due, in part, to the knowledge, expertise and passion of the dedicated team, and the resulting trust specialist breed rescues place with them.

Steve Crow, Chairman of The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), says,

“Agria has been a close and valued partner to GCCF for over a decade and we are excited to explore new ways to develop and broaden our relationship. The Agria team care deeply about the health and welfare of cats. They aim to give young kittens cover to provide care and security in their new homes, and their dedicated rehoming team are keen to work with GCCF breed clubs in providing cover and support to rescues and rehomed cats.”

We wanted to find out a bit more about the team and what makes them so passionate about the work that they do…

Karen Green, Rehoming Partner Manager, North

Karen’s unrivalled insight into the rehoming sector comes from more than 30 years’ experience of working with animal charities. This gives her a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by rehoming organisations and great empathy to work alongside Agria’s rehoming partners.

Before joining Agria in 2016, Karen was a Key Account Manager at CEVA Animal Health. There, she worked closely with animal charities and organisations to support the well-being of animals in care – which is something she very successfully continues to do at Agria.

And with rescue dogs of her own, she knows first-hand how important it is for animals to get off to the right start with their new families, in their forever homes.

“The Agria rehoming channel continues to go from strength to strength. So many rehoming organisations, including so many fabulous breed rescues, have joined Agria to give 5 weeks free insurance to their lovely adopted dogs and cats, and I look forward to continuing to support rescues, large and small, across the UK!”

Mark Walden, Rehoming Partner Manager, South

From his very first job working with local rescues at his family-run boarding kennels, and being brought up around Bassets and Beagles from a baby, Mark’s passion for dogs was ignited at a very young age.

While Mark went on to change career and work at an independent insurance broker, he also continued to support dog welfare through a part-time role with Trevor Cooper’s Doglaw firm. This role saw him liaising with local authorities, the Police, rehoming organisations and dog clubs.

Outside work, Mark shows and judges Bassets and Beagles. He’s been on the committee of the prestigious annual Windsor Championship Dog Show since 2012 and also manages the South of England Basset Hound Club show.

He stewards at Discover Dogs and maintains strong links with the Kennel Club, this year working as Group Steward at Crufts. Mark is also an advisor and representative of Basset Hound Welfare.

“It’s wonderful to be part of an organisation that has animal welfare to be at the core of what we do. We believe that every pet deserves another chance and offering 5 weeks free insurance is a wonderful opportunity to provide that and educate future pet owners about the importance of having lifetime pet insurance. It’s also an added bonus to be able to use my specialist breed knowledge and passion for breed rescue as part of my job!”

Susie Hill, Business Development Manager, Northern Ireland

Susie is a very well-known face in both the veterinary and the rehoming sectors in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. She has been extensively involved with rescue charities throughout her life – both on a personal and professional level – and can’t remember a time when she didn’t have a rescue pet at home!

Co-organising the Northern Ireland Vet Nurse of the Year Awards for the past few years has been a passion of Susie’s. This year saw her introduce the new category, Rehoming and Rescue Champion of the Year.

“Rehoming and rescue in Northern Ireland is unique, with many dedicated and caring organisations working hard to match animals to new homes. Agria has some great products and solutions to benefit the new owner, the adopted pet and the rehoming organisation, and I am always so proud to share it with rescues.”

Janet Hughes, Director of Partner Engagement and Strategy at Agria, says,

“Our Rehoming Team members each bring unique and hugely valuable knowledge and experience to our rescue partnerships. The combination of our product and ethos together with a team that truly understands rescue is why so many breed rescues and rehoming organisations choose Agria.”

And what do Agria’s rehoming partners say?

“We’ve worked with Agria for around two years. Moving to them was the obvious choice as they offered a significantly better level of support than our previous provider of free insurance, with a much-improved provision for pets of an older age. This, together with Mark’s background and knowledge-based approach – not at all salesy – really matched the Sanctuary’s values. Setting up cover is quick and efficient, and while I can’t speak highly enough of working with Mark and Agria, the solution is also fantastic, for our adopted pets and their new owners, and for us, with ongoing support.”
Iain Atkin, Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

“The biggest bonus of our partnership with Agria is that we can reassure adopters that even older cats will be able to continue onto a full Lifetime policy with them. This makes it a lot easier for us to rehome our cats, and that’s what’s important.”
Angela Walker, UK Coordinator, Birman Welfare and Rescue

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