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Veterinary Defects Guide

When breeding to modify the shape of any species of animal to produce distinct breed types there is a danger that selection for exaggerated type will lead to deformities.

Many members of the cat fancy became concerned that the type of some cats was becoming too exaggerated to the detriment of their health. Some problems had existed from many years and becoming too common, whilst other deformities were just beginning to be seen. In March 1985 the GCCF Veterinary Advisory Committee (formerly the Veterinary Sub-Committee) discussed the problem and their proposals were considered and passed onto Council in June 1985.

When the standards of Points book was reprinted in February 1986 it was prefaced for the first time by a list of defects common to all breeds. The list included not only the defects which could lead to health problems and monorchidism and cryptorchidism which already debarred adult males from competition, but squints and kinks which were already listed as defects in the majority of breeds. The preface has been reviewed by the GCCF Veterinary Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors (formerly Executive Committee) several times since then and several slight amendments have been made.

The Guide is available to buy from the GCCF at £2 Post Free.