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Veterinary Information

GCCF has its own Veterinary Officer, Dr Susan F Moreland BA Vet MB MRCVS, and a Veterinary Advisory Committee, consisting of Vets with a special interest in feline matters.

The Role of the Veterinary Committee

  • The Veterinary Committee exists to advise the GCCF on all veterinary matters, including diseases, genetic health, other health and welfare issues and veterinary management of cat shows.
  • The committee agrees the detailed list of veterinary defects which could impact on the welfare of a cat, including congenital deformities and issues of conformation, which are applied at cat shows.
  • The committee oversees the veterinary inspections for all cats arriving at cat shows, to ensure that only healthy cats are granted entry and that no cat is present in a show hall which could pose a health risk to other cats.