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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The UK's Premier Registration body

The list below gives basic details of the shows and other events of the GCCF for the next 12 months.
Please click on the title of the event to see more details.

To download a text version to the end of May 2021 please click here

Please click here for future provisional show dates

Please note due to COVID-19 and following the December 2020 Board meeting, all shows and meetings are cancelled until 1st June 2021.  When shows are able to take place it will be at the discretion of show managers who are working with the venue management, and with local advice. However, it could be that restrictions are still in place nationally and the date will then have to be pushed further back.

The Board is meeting monthly, and this date will be reviewed at each meeting to take the latest government guidelines into consideration. Consultation with Defra is currently at the planning stage to obtain advice and guidance on any requirements that will be necessary for shows next year.

If you have any queries please contact the individual show manager/committee.
15th December 2020

Show & Events List

Note on map view:

Map pins represent each venue and may have more than one show. Please select the pin to view all shows.