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This event has passed

Eastern Counties Cat Society

14 July 2018
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Entries close 19th June
Entries accepted to 28th June
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Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mrs Audrey Newsome
19 Angela Road
NR10 3EZ


Class 3 OLYMPIAN GRAND PREMIER. Mr John Hansson in place of Mrs B, Prowse.

Class 591 Oriental Spotted Tabby Kitten. Mr J. Hansson in place of Mrs B, Prowse.

The Suffolk Breed has been upgraded

45. Mrs J. Smith.
86 Mrs S. Rainbow Ockwell.
359 Mrs N. Johnson.
377 Mr S. Crow.
409 Mr J. Hansson.
434 Mrs J.I. Green.
474 Mr J. Trotter.
527 Mr S. Crow.
533 Mrs P. Mansaray,
575 Mr S. Crow.
Miscellaneous Classes
661 Mrs B. Prowse.
668 Mrs L. Walpole.
669 Mrs L. Walpole.
686 Mr J. Hansson.
693 Mrs B. Prowse.
694 Mrs B. Prowse.
707 Mr N, Carter.
708 Mr N. Carter.
756 Mr J. Hansson.
770 Mrs H. Marriott Power.
776 Mrs H. Marriott Power.
793 Mr J. Trotter.
806 Mr J. Trotter.
816 Mrs P. Mansaray.
821 Mr S. McConnell.
854 Mrs P. Mansaray.
868 Mr J. Hansson.
870 Mrs P. Mansaray.
882 Mrs L. Walpole.
896 Mr N. Carter.
952 Mr S. Crow.
860 Mrs B. Prowse.
961 Mr J. Trotter.
Thank you both very much.