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This event has passed

Lilac Point Siamese Cat Society

18 August 2018
Sharing with Tabby Point Siamese & Prog Breeders Cat Club
Online Entry Form
Entries close 30th July
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Shared Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mrs Barbara James
19 Linnet Road

Assit SM: Mrs Rachel Clarke


Class 1 Olympian Adult will now be judged by Mr Davies

Class 2 Olympian Neuter will now be judged by Mrs Studer

Mrs Prowse is unable to judge and her classes have been reallocated as follows.

13 Seal Point Kitten                                  Mr Dryden                                       
125 Adolescent Adult                               Mr Dryden

130 Best Temperament Adult                   Mrs Brown

147 Siamese Kitten < 6 months                Mr Davies

149 Oriental Kitten < 6 months        Mr Davies

158 Best Eye colour Kitten                        Mr Dryden

188 Zodiac class                                       Mrs Brown

207 Seal Point club class                          Mr Davies

211 Tabby point club class                       Mr Dryden