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Event Detail

This event has passed

Wyvern Cat Club

01 September 2018
Sharing with Siamese CC and Tonkinese CC
Entry Form
Entries close 30th July
Entries accepted to 12th August
Click on show title for judge changes

Shared Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mrs Barbara Prowse
1 Sandstone Road
OL16 3UH


Class 842 is now Ms H McCrae

Mrs L Dutton, Mrs L Fryer and Mrs F Hermon are no longer judging.


Mrs Anderson-Drew Class 131,604

Mrs Chapman-Beer Class 392

Mr R Davies Class 565,582,606

Mrs S Moore Class 5,119,121,130,132,173

Mrs P Perkins Class 4,19,167,550,571

Mrs E Stark Class 428

Miss J Tonkinson Class 709,781,796

Mrs C Tonks Class 863,872

Mr J Trotter Class 751

Mrs L Vousden Class 405,407,440,441

Class 132 Usual Somali Adult is now Mrs V Anderson-Drew