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This event has passed

South Western Counties Cat Club

22 September 2018
Entry Form
Entries close 4th September with upgrades to 5pm on the 9th September
Entries and upgrades will be accepted up to 6.00pm on Sunday, Sept 9th. Late entries may also be handed in at the Somerset / West Country Show on Saturday. They should be given to Lyndsey Robinson at the Show Managers Help desk.
Click on show title for judge changes

Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mrs Susan Newman
Totara Lodge
Whitehill Road
Newton Abbot
TQ12 1QD

Jt SM: Mrs Lesley Tricker


Section   Class         New Judge
    1         91              Mr J Emery
    1         92              Mr J Emery
    4        354             Mrs V Anderson-Drew 
    4        355             Mrs V Anderson-Drew
    4        415             Mrs S Rose
    4        416             Mrs S Rose
    4        420             Mrs C Kaye
    4        428             Mrs C Kaye
    4        429             Mrs C Kaye
    5        492             Mrs M Chapman-Beer
    5        526             Mrs M Chapman-Beer

    5        529             Mrs M Chapman-Beer

All Suffolk assessment class entries will be upgraded to certificate status in line with their promotion at the recent Council Meeting

Class 238  will now be judged by Mrs S. Rainbow-Ockwell