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This event has passed

Longhaired, Semi Longhaired and All Breed Cat Club

06 October 2018
Sharing with various Semi Longhaired Clubs
Entry Form
Entries close 11th September
Entries accepted until 12pm on 23rd September - no upgrades or new entries will be taken after this time.
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Shared Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mrs Carol Pike
24 Shaftesbury Close
Harmans Water
RG12 9PX


Classes 186 Maine coon silver series kittens

and class 188 AOC maIne coon kittens

should be Mr R Davies, Not Mrs C Davies

Due to duplication with other show Mr Cohen will now judge open class L148


All Dr K Kempsell classes to Miss J Seggie

All Mrs P Rogers classes to Mrs J Ashman

All Mrs S Amor classes to Mr P Cornish

Class L438 to Mrs H Marriott-Power

Class L653 to Mr J Hansson

Class L721 to Mr M Pearman

Class L728 to Mr M Pearman

Class L928 to Mr M Pearman

Class L658  to Mr E Merchant

Class L720 to Mr E Merchant

Class L733 to Mr M Pearman

Class L757 to Mrs S Dalton Hobbs

Class L763 to Mrs J Bradley

Class L881 to Mr J Hansson