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Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club

13 October 2018
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Entries close 12th September
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Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mrs Isobel Walker
53 Meadowhouse Road
EH12 7HW


Class 233 Selkirk Rex Grand Class Adult Female will now be judged by Mrs Prowse

Class 314 Selkirk Rex Grand Class Neuter Male will be judged by Mr Hansson 
Class 315 Selkirk Rex  Grand Class Neuter  Female will be judged by Mr Crow 

Class 468   Burmese  Grand Class Adult   Male  will be judged by Mrs Prowse
Class 469   Burmese Grand Class  Adult   Female  will be judge by Mrs Smith

Class E8  Grand Class 1a  AC Persian Champion   Female will be judged by Mrs Prowse
Class E152   AC Ragamuffin Adult                                 Mr Hansson 
Class E180  Sorrell Somali  Kitten                                  Mrs Perkins
Class E181  Silver Somali Kitten                                    Mrs Tokens
Class E182  AOC Somali Kitten                                      Mrs Tokens
Class E530   Tonkinese  Neuter                                     Mr Crow 
Class E531   Tonkinese C / point Pattern   Neuter      Mr Crow 
Class E562   Suffolk Adult                                               Mr Crow 

Mr Leppard has withdrawn from the show and his Open classes have been re-allocated as follows

British Section 

Adults   E246. To  Mrs Kaye    , E247. to  Mrs Kaye.  , 
Kittens.  E284. To Dr Bennett.  ,  E285. ,  to Dr Bennett.  ,. E295. To Dr Bennett 
Neuters.  E311  to  Mr Hansson. ,  E318  to Dr Collin.  , E323  to. Mrs Prowse.  . E329. To Mr Vessay  ,  E340  to. Mr Hansson

Semi L.H  Section 
Adults.      E141. To  Mrs Tokens.  , E142. To  Mrs Tokens. ,   E153  to Mr Pearman.  ,  E164. To Dr Bennett  ,  E155  tu Mr HanssonKittens.     E186.  To  Mrs Crichton 
Neuters.     E203. To Mrs Perkins.   , E214. to  Mrs Perkins.  ,  E218. to  Mr Crow. ,   E219 to Mr Crow 

British Imperial   Class E229. to  Mrs Kaye 
British Section Neuters     Class E328.  to  Mr Hansson