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Event Detail

Maidstone & Medway Cat Club

15 December 2018
Entry Form
Entries close 19th November
Entries are still being accepted but please enter soon as you may miss out
Click on show title for schedule amendments and judge changes

Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mr Kit Game
The Keys
Gardner Street
BN27 4SU

Jt SM: Mrs Shelagh Heavens
Asst SM: Mrs Dianne Taylor


Please note Mrs Sarah Johnson FIFE is judging for us, her name was omitted from the judges on the inside page of some printed schedules, but this has now been added to the online version

Class Changes

Class 113 Blue/Blue-Cream/Lilac/Lilac-Cream/Cream Shaded and Tipped Cameo Neuter will now be judged by Mr G Martin

Class 471 Caramel Point Siamese Adult will now be judged by Mrs L Studer

H.P. Maidstone & Medway Christmas Cracker will now be judged by Mrs H Marriott-Power


Please note we are aware of the new structure for the Ragdoll classes
and there is a mistake in the schedule, the Mitted will be in the class
with the Bi-Colour.

So classes are

138 A.C. Colourpointed Adult
139 A.C. Bi-Colour or Mitted Adult

159 A.C. Colourpointed Kitten
160  A.C. Bi-Colour or Mitted Kitten

184 A.C. Colourpointed Neuter
185 A.C. Bi-Colour or Mitted Neuter