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This event has passed

Shropshire Cat Club

02 February 2019
Sharing with Gwynedd Cat Club
Pedigree Entry Form
Household Pet Entry Form
Entries close 8th January
Entries accepted to 15th January, upgrades accepted to 5pm 20th January
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Shared Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Miss Janet Tonkinson
94 Meadow Lane
Stoke on Trent

Jt SM: Mrs Isabel Lewis


Classes S228 & S229 Imperial Class AC British Gr Ch Adult M & F -  Mrs S Dalton - Hobbs

Classes S231 & S232 Grand Class AC British Ch M & F - Mrs H Wild

Class S347 Breed Class AC Selkirk Rex Neuter - Mrs S Dalton - Hobbs

S228 & S229 & S347 Now Mrs Dalton-Hobbs

S230 & S231 Mrs H Wild


Dr Bruce Bennett has had to withdraw from judging so the following judge changes will apply.


S154-158 inc Somali Adults Mrs Rainbow-Ockwell

S175 & 176 Ragdoll Kittens Mrs B Shingleton

S201 & 202 Main Coon or Siberian GRPR Mrs A Lyall

S285 297 & 303 British Kitten &S544 Havana Adult  & S555 OSH Spotted Tabby Mrs L Walpole

S545 S554 S570 S572 S630 S642 S645 S648 S652 Oriental & Siamese Mrs J Smith

S625 & S638 Mrs J Jones

S575 & S639 Mrs J Francis-Wilson