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This event has passed

Lancashire Cat Club

09 March 2019
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Entries close 12th February
Entries will be accepted up to 23rd February. Upgrades by 24th February.
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Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mrs Janet Pointon
1-3 Dobells Road

Jt SM: Mrs Chris Titterington
Asst SM: Mrs V Beddall


Olympian grand Premier Male now to be judged by Mrs.Perkins.

Mr. S. McConnell has w/d from judging - his classes will be judges by Mrs Dalton Hobbs
Class 339 Mrs Kilby. Classes 370. 373. 382 Mrs. J Williams.

Dr. Bennett’s classes will be judged by
Class 2. 461.508.520.526.535 Mrs. Dalton-Hobbs
Class 184.186 Mr.Merchant.
Class 255. Mrs. Beardsmith 
Class 285. Mr. Harrison
Class 444. Miss. Tonkinson 
Class 460.462.507.509.512.519.521.534.536. Mrs. Smith. 
Class 222 now Mrs Dalton-Hobbs

Due to a clash with another show 
Class 2 Olympian champion female will now be judged by Mr. J. Harrison
461 Oriental SH Blue Kitten & 508 SP. Siamese kittens will be judged by Mr.R. Davies.