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This event has passed

Preston & Blackpool Cat Club

23 March 2019
Sharing with Singapura CC
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Entries close 5th March
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Shared Championship show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Ms Judith Mercer
62 Bryan Road

Asst SM: Miss Candice Higgins


Class 249 - British SH Blue-Cream, Lilac or Fawn Tortie Adult will now be judged by Mr W Vessey

Class 729, 794, 796 to Mrs S Dalton Hobbs

Class 1025, 765, 1029, 1096 to Mrs S Devereux

Class 733 to Mrs V Kilby

Class 838, 895, 1125, 1114 to Ms M Clare

Class 1099, 1124 to Mr S Parkin

Class 1107, 1108, 1121 to Mrs S Woodley