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Essex Cat Club

13 April 2019
Entry Form
Entries close 19th March
Due to the size of our entry, we have decided to extend out closing date until 27th March, with class upgrades being accepted from shows on 30th March if received by the show management by 6.pm on 31st March. Would all latecomers please get their entries in as soon as possible to allow us to complete our paperwork.
Essex Joint Show Managers
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Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager
Mrs Caroline Roberts
108 Petts Wood Road
Petts Wood

Asst SM: Miss C Brown


Unfortunately 3 of our published judges have had to withdraw due to health issues. We wish Teresa Cole Pamela Wilding and John Hannson a speedy recovery. Their classes will be judged as shown below: -

1 Olympian Class - Av Imperial Grand Champion Adult Male Mrs Anderson-Drew

Section 1 All Teresa Coles classes will now be judged by Sally Tokens

33 Seal Colourpoint

34 Blue Colourpoint

37 Tabby Colourpoint

65 Tortoiseshell Kitten

66 Chocolate Tortoiseshell Kitten

114 Tortie or Chocolate Tortie and White Neuter

115 Blue or Lilac Tortie and White Neuter

116 Bi Coloured Neuter

119 Seal Colourpoint Neuter

120 Blue Colourpoint Neuter

122 AOC Self Colourpoint Neuter

123 Tabby Colourpoint Neuter


All Teresa Cole’s Section 1 Miscellanous classes will be judged by Mrs J Wilkinson, and John Hannson;s Classes are shown below: -

658 Av Section 1 Adult Carol Gainsbury

678 Av Section 1 Novice Kitten Carol Gainsbury

691 Av Section 1 Self Neuter Julie Wilkinson

699 Av Section 1 Neuter Resident in Essex Julie Wilkinson

700 Av Section 1 Neuter Not Resident in Essex Julie Wilkinson

Section 2

Teresa and Pamela's Classes will be judged as shown below

139/140 Grand Class 2a AC Birman, Ragdoll or Ragamuffin Champion M/F

Mrs J Green

145 Seal Point Birman Adult

Mrs S Moore

146 Blue Point Birman Adult

Mrs S Moore

175 Colourpoint or Mitted Ragdoll Kitten

Mrs V Anderson-Drew

176 AC Bi Colour Ragdoll Kitten

Mrs V Anderson-Drew

181 AC Silver Somali Kitten

Mrs S Moore

182 AOC Somali Kitten

Mrs S Moore

183 AC Somali SH Kitten

Mrs S Moore

201/202 Grand Class 2c AC Main Coon or Siberian Premier Neuter M/F

Mrs S Moore

204 Blue Point Birman Neuter

Mrs S Moore

210 Ragmuffin Neuter

Mrs C Gainsbury

222 Siberian Neuter Mrs S Moore

T Coles’ Miscallanious classes will be judged by Mrs S Moore with the presidents Memorial Classes (897/898/899) being judged by Mrs C Gainsbury


Section 3

229 Grand Class British Champiom F Mrs L Miles

232 Grand Class Selkirk Rex Champion M

Mrs J Bradley

233 Grand Class Selkirk Rex Champion F

Mrs J Bradley

Miscallaneous Classes

741 AV Section 3 Senior Adult Mrs L Miles

773AV Section 3 Neuter resident in Essex Mrs L Miles

774 AV Section 3 Neuter Not resident in Essex Mrs L Miles



Section 4

376 Sphynx Adult

Mrs V Anderson-Drew

377 Laperm Adult

Mrs V Anderson-Drew

409 Laperm Kitten

Mrs V Anderson-Drew

448 Sphyx Neuter

Mrs V Anderson-Drew

449 Laperm Neuter

Mrs V Anderson-Drew

451 Bengal Brown Spotted Neuter Mrs V Anderson Drew

460 Sokoke Neuter

Mrs V Anderson-Drew

480 Asian Tiffanie Adult

Mrs J Dell

502 Asian Smoke/Shaded & Tipped Burmilla Kitten

Mrs J Dell

503 Asian Tabby Spotted Macherel or Tipped Kitten

Mrs J Dell

516 Grand Class 5B AC Asian Toinese or Australian Mist Neuter Male

Mrs V Anderson-Drew

517 Grand Class 5B AC Asian Toinese or Australian Mist Neuter Female

Mrs V Anderson-Drew


Miscallaneous Classes

792 AV Section 4 Debutante Kitten Mrs Anderson Drew

Section 6

539 Imperial Class 6 – AV Section 6 Gr Ch Adult Mrs Jones 546 Foreign White Adult

Mr P Williams

547 Oriental Black Adult

Mr P Williams

561 Orienta Longhair Adult Mrs J Jones

566 Lilac Point Siamese Adult Mrs J Jones 590 Oriental Fawn Kitten

Mr P Williams

591 Oriental Spotted Tabby Kitten

Mr P Williams

Grand Class 6a – AC Oriental or Suffolk Premier Neuter M Mrs J Jones

618 626 Oriental Blue Neuter

Mr P Williams

627 Oriental Red Neuter

Mr P Williams

632 Oriental Fawn Neuter

Mr P Williams

633 Oriental Spotted Tabby Neuter

Mr P Williams

638 Oriental SH and LH Bi Colour Neuter

Mr P Williams

639 Oriental L/H Neuter

Mr P Williams

Pamela Wildings Miscellaneous classes will be judged by Mr P Williams

861 Av Section 6 Limit Adult Mrs J Jones 870 Av Section 6 Kitten Mrs J Jones

902 Av Neuter Mrs J Jones

Household Pets

933 Imperial Class AC Pedigree Pet Grand Master Cat

Mrs J Dell

940 SH Self (single colour) Cat

Mrs J Dell

All Mrs P Wildings Side classes will be judged by Mrs J Dell