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Bedford & District Cat Club

27 April 2019
Entry Form
Entries close 3rd April
Entries will be taken until 14th April but cannot be extended any further. Please leave time if you are posting for it to be received and please do not send by recorded delivery. If you are emailing your entry, please also pop a hard copy in the post (as we don’t have unlimited printer ink!).
Click on show title for judge reports

Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager
Mrs Sally Tokens
40 Cinques Road
SG19 3NW

Asst SM: Mrs Anna McEntee


Class 4 Olympian Class AV Imperial Grand Premier Female Neuter now being judged by Charis White
533 Mrs B Shingleton
563 Mrs J Jones 
741 Mr J Hansson

Thank you to exhibitors for supporting the show, we are looking forward to seeing you all on the 27th April.

Due to a smaller number of entries in Section 1 and Section 6, Carole Pearson and Jackie Reed will unfortunately not be judging. We have reallocated their classes as follows and also adjusted some miscellaneous classes to even out judges loadings. Should anyone need a counter signature, please let us know prior to 10am on show day.

Best of Variety 
Section 1 Neuter Mrs J Smith
Section 6 Adult Mrs J Smith

11 Mrs C Turner Russell 
102 Mrs C Turner Russell 
103 Mrs C Turner Russell 
548 Mrs J Jones
645 Mrs J Jones
660 Mrs C Turner Russell 
670 Mrs C Turner Russell 
677 Mrs C Turner Russell
734 Mrs J Bradley
736 Mrs J Bradley
741 Mr J Hansson
750 Mrs J Bradley
802 Mrs D Brown
810 Mrs D Brown
829 Mrs D Brown
823 Mrs D Brown
834 Mrs J Jones
842 Mrs J Jones 
856 Mrs J Jones
859 Mrs J Jones
864 Mrs J Jones 
883 Mrs J Jones