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Siamese Cat Association

15 June 2019
Sharing with Oriental Cat Association
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Online Entry Form
Entries close 27th May
Entries accepted to 3rd June (receipt online or postmarked)
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Shared Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mr Harry Meekings

Jt SM: Mrs Clare Whitby


Brenda Pearce & Sharon Lee     


Due to a lower entry than anticipated Brenda Pearce has kindly offered to stand down as judge for the OCA SCA shows. Her classes have been allocated as follows;



Siamese, Balinese or Oriental Imperial Adult – Mrs Brown

Havana Neuter – Mrs Brown

Black Adult – Mrs Brown

Blue Adult – Mrs Chapman Beer

Fawn Kitten – Mrs Studer

Tortie Adult – Mrs Studer

Spotted Tabby Adult – Mrs Brown

Smoke Adult – Mrs Studer

Shaded Adult – Mrs Chapman Beer

Seal Point Neuter – Mrs Chapman Beer

Lilac Point Kitten – Mrs Brown

Lilac Point Neuter – Mrs Studer

Fawn Point Neuter – Mrs Jones

Tabby Point Neuter – Mrs Chapman Beer

Tortie Point Kitten – Mrs Studer

Tortie Point Neuter – Mrs Chapman Beer

Apricot Adult – Mrs Jones


Siamese or Balinese Breed 24 Grand Premier – Mrs Studer

Siamese or Balinese Breed 32 Grand Premier – Mrs Studer

Oriental Self Champion – Mrs Chapman Beer

Oriental Non Self Champion – Mrs Chapman Beer

Blue Point Kitten – Mrs Jones

Cinnamon Point Adult – Mrs Chapman Beer

Cinnamon Point Neuter – Mrs Brown

Fawn Point Adult – Mrs Studer

Tabby Point Kitten – Mrs Brown

Red Point Kitten – Mrs Jones

Cream Point Adult – Mrs Chapman Beer

Apricot Point Neuter – Mrs Chapman Beer

White Adult – Mrs Studer

White Kitten – Mr Harrison

Black Neuter – Mrs Chapman Beer

Cream Neuter – Mrs Studer

Caramel Adult – Mrs Brown

Classic or Mackerel Tabby Adult – Mrs Chapman Beer

Shaded Kitten – Mrs Chapman Beer

Smoke  Neuter – Mrs Chapman Beer


Side classes



Mrs Jones 607, 635, 655, 711

Mrs Brown 618, 684, 687

Mrs Studer 610, 648, 693

Mr Harrison 624, 631, 663
Mrs Chapman Beer 639, 670, 705



Mrs Jones 111, 156, 199, 225
Mr Harrison 124, 137, 164
Mrs Chapman-Beer 142, 172, 202, 220
Mrs Brown 148, 185, 197, 217
Mrs Studer  175, 181, 210, 211


Sharon Lee is unfortunately unable to attend our show. Her classes have 
been reallocated as below. Counter signatures will be available.

Mrs Cook  243, 266
Miss Hargan 249, 279
Miss Perkins  258, 265, 270