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This event has passed

South Western Counties Cat Club

28 September 2019
Entry Form
Entries close 3rd September with upgrades accepted until 5pm 8th September.
Entries accepted to 10th September and upgrades will be accepted until 14th September (bedtime).
Click on show title for judge changes and schedule amendments

Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager
Mrs Susan Newman
Jt SM: Mrs Lesley Tricker


Changes to Mrs Linda Martin's classes:

Section 1   All Breed classes - now Mr G. Martin
                   Miscellaneous classes - now Mrs E Fryer
Section 2   Both Breed and Miscellaneous classes - now Mrs A Lyall
Section 5   Miscellaneous classes S804, S805 & S806 - now Mrs S Rose
Section 6   Breed classes S584, S585, S586 & S587 - now Mrs S Dalton-Hobbs
                   Class S598 - now Mr G Martin
                   Miscellaneous classes - now Mrs S Dalton-Hobbs
 Club Classes  S886, S887, S888  -  now Mrs A Lyall
Household Pets  Both Breed & Miscellaneous classes - now Miss Cilla Rowlands

                             Club Class S941 - now Miss Cilla Rowlands

Section 6, Class S882  has been withdrawn