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This event has passed

Maine Coon Breed Society

05 October 2019
Entry Form
Entries close 10th September
Entries accepted to 18th September, upgrades accepted until end 22nd September
Click on show title for judge changes
Please note cheques should be made payable to Maine Coon Breed Society not as stated on entry form.

Shared Championship with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mrs Carol Pike


Mrs W Pogbee is no longer coming and all her classes will now be judged by Mrs D MacBean.

Mr E Merchant is no longer coming

M25 to Mrs S Johnson

M39 to Mrs H Marriott Power

M48 to Mr G Martin

M49 to Miss C White

M52 to Mrs S Moore

M68 to Mrs H Marriott Power

M77 to Mrs S Johnson

M90 to Miss C White