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Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club

12 October 2019
Entry Form
Photo Competition
Entries close 12th September - Entries now closed
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Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mrs Isobel Walker

Asst SM: Mrs Sharon Casey



Open/Title + 3 classes @ £21.00

3rd& Subsequent Exhibits @ £13.00

Extra classes @ £ 4.00



Open/Title + 3 classes @ £25.00

3rd& Subsequent Exhibits @ £13.00

Extra classes @ £ 4.00

Unfortunately Ms J Clare is unable to attend our forthcoming show, so we have reallocated her classes as follows:

30 to Mrs S Danks
75  to Mrs S Danks
99 to Mr J Hansson
178a to Mr S Leppard
178b  to Mr S Leppard
187 to Mr J Hansson
188 to Mr J Hansson
201 to Mrs P Perkins
362a to Mr J Hansson
362b to Mr J Hansson
407  to Mr J Hansson
447  to Mr J Hansson
451 to Mrs V Kilby
660  to Mrs S Danks
661  to Mrs S Danks
685  to Mr S Leppard
718  to Mr J Hansson
732  to Mr J Hansson
780 to Mr J Hansson
781 to Mr J Hansson
896  to Mr J Hansson
897 to Mr J Hansson
898 to Mr J Hansson
918 to Dr P Collin

Best Adult in Section 2 to Ms S Crichton

Best Neuter in Section 4 to Mrs C Kaye


Dr Eyres is unable to attend this show . All of his classes will now be judged by Ms H Alexander .