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This event has passed

Wyvern Cat Club

07 September 2019
Entry Form
Entries close 13th August
Entries accepted to 21st August and upgrades until the 25th August.
Click on show title for judge changes

Championship Show with Household Pets

Show Manager

Mrs B Prowse


Mrs S Amor is no longer judging, her classes will be judged by Mr S Meserve. I will reallocate her Miscellaneous classes when entries close.

Due to circumstances out of my control I have had to re allocate ALL of Mr S Meserve’s LH/SLH classes.


All Level Yes Scheme           Mrs J Smith


Russian White/Black Adult   Mr S Meserve


Section 1


Cream Adult, Red etc Smoke Adult, Tortoiseshell Adult, Blue Kitten-  Mrs Pat Perkins


White Orange Eyed Adult, Red etc Tabby Adult, Blue etc Cameo Adult, White Blue Eyed Kitten, Cream Kitten, Red etc Tabby Kitten, Imp Gr Pr Pesian Kitten, Black Neuter, Blue Neuter, Cream Neuter, AC Silver Tabby Neuter.      -  Mrs Joan Smith


Section 2


AV SLH GR CC,  Blue Point Birman Adult, AC Colourpointed or Mitted Ragdoll Adult, Norwegian Forest Adult, AOC Silver Somali Adult, SH Somali Adult, Brown or Blue Tabby  Maine Coon Adult, Red Cream and Tortie Point Birman Kitten  - Mrs L Fryer


Turkish Van Adult, Siberian Adult, Ragamuffin Adult – Mr M Pearman

Mr Crow, Mrs Perkins and Mrs Tokens will not now be judging. The following judge changes have been made. Counter Signatures will apply.

MRS L BRENNAN. Class 452,759, 764, 778,894 Male,930,936,942,946,
MRS V ANDERSON-DREW. Class 222,753,772,788
MRS M CHAPMAN-BEER. Class 408a,408b,476,853,869.
MRS L FRYER. Class 660,675,679,697,712,
MRS M MARRIOTT-POWER. Class 356,357,444,748,783,823,832.
MR M PEARMAN. Class 102,183,206,210a,210b,212,714,725
MRS J SMITH. Class 681.
MR J TROTTER. Class 162,477,502a,502b,518,669,706,799,817
MS C WHITE. Class 664,662,676,694,713,701,862