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GCCF Awards

At the Board meeting of 4 March 2022, the question of COTY awards was discussed.

It was decided that with the number of show cancellations the awards should not take place this year.  This was to enable a level playing field for all exhibits.

As the show year will be changing so that it follows the calendar year, it was thought that the collection of COTY points should begin again on 1st January 2023.

If you have any comments or suggestions on amending this, please contact John Hansson direct,

Comments can then be collated and posted.

It is intended to continue the GCCF  Cat of the Year competition in due course, once shows start to be held regularly, and wins can be scored meaningfully. 

These will be awarded at the Supreme Anniversary Dinner which will take place, on the Friday evening preceding the Supreme Show.

Once scoring is started the leaders’ information will be given out, these will then be posted on the GCCF website & also notified to the GCCF Yahoo Group.

The scoring will be as simple as possible so that ALL are aware & know who the leaders are  & will be posted on a monthly basis to allow time for any adjustments to be made.

All shows will carry as far as is practicably possible a similar level of scoring, to ensure Breed & All Breed are on a par with each other.

  • 1 point for Best of Variety Cat/Kitten & Neuter.
  • 1 additional Point for Overall Best of Variety,
  • 1 additional Point for Overall Best in Show, 2 points for a Single Breed Show,
  • Maximum Number of Points at any single show will be 3 Points,

Double shows, where an Overall Winner is selected, there will be an additional point for that win.

The same criteria will apply for Pet Classes;

Best HP /Pedigree Pet & kitten (if applicable), 1 point each.

Overall Winner an additional 2 points,

If this is continued in future years, the system of scoring will be reviewed if necessary.

Kitten points will be carried forward to either Adult or Neuter status & not lost.

There will be an Overall winner in Cat/Kitten & Neuter categories, with an Overall Winner selected from those 3 exhibits.

Also the Winner of Cat/Kitten & Neuter in each Section (including HP & PP categories).