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Title Claims

With the introduction of the new GCCF Online Services, titles are now automatically awarded to a cat who has earned enough certificates.

This applies to both Pedigree cats, and Household Pets from the 1st June 2017.

If you have provided GCCF with your email address, you will receive an automatic email when your cat’s third Show has been cleared. This will give you a link to request your free certificate from the office.

Medal system

Once the cat’s title has been granted, you can order a medal for £16.50, online or through the office. Each medal comes with one free bar, but you will only be able to select the bar for a title your cat has already been given.

Medals are ordered in batches, so they can take a little while to arrive. Your free bar will be sent out as soon as it is available, however.

You can order subsequent bars for £8, either online or through the office.

Household Pets

Household Pet results are being entered by the office from the 1st June 2017. If one of your certificates was gained before this date, you will still have to send a copy of this to the office, by post or by email.

If all your certificates were gained after this date, the cat’s title will be updated automatically.