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Young Exhibitors Scheme

What is YES!?

YES! is an educational programme designed to encourage youth participation in the Cat Fancy. It is a structured programme for the growth and development of junior (8 – 16+) exhibitors within the GCCF. We aim to encourage young people to continue to enjoy their hobby as adults and so become the members, steward, judges and show managers of the future.

What is the scope of YES!?

The programme focuses upon responsible cat ownership and exhibition. Young exhibitors who join the scheme will be encouraged to progress from Novice to Advanced status through a series of structured activities, learning strategies and personal involvement.

The programme is designed to increase the candidate’s knowledge of pedigree cats, their origins, body and head type, colours and patterns and their different coat qualities. Young people will be able to develop their skills with regard to show preparation and grooming as well as the clerical aspects of entering cats into shows and recording results etc.

What can candidates achieve?

Success is measured and rewarded at every stage with a special focus on the candidate’s practical knowledge of cats, cat care and cat shows!

What is new about this scheme?

One of the most exciting aspects of the YES! Programme is the Young Exhibitor Class at participating GCCF Shows; here the candidate presents their own cat to a judge and discusses aspects of ownership, care, diet and show preparation necessary to ensure peak condition, welfare and wellbeing. Candidates can progress from “Novice” to “Advanced” Young Exhibitor through these presentations and by completing work sheets, show diaries etc which will be moderated by the Administrators.

What about Health & Safety?

All parents want to keep their children safe and as “risk free” as possible. The advantage of the YES! Programme is that it is a family activity where the candidate travels to and from shows with their parent(s)/guardian/or a responsible adult chosen by the parents. Our special area will give you full information about Health & Safety issues.

In common with other Cat Registration Bodies having a programme for young exhibitors, the GCCF has introduced a Parental/Medical Consent Form for parents/guardians to complete and sign before their child may participate in the scheme. This is for the benefit of the candidate, their parents/guardians and the YES! Programme.

The YES! Programme

The Programme has three levels of participation Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Progression through the levels is by achievement. All candidates begin at Novice Level. There are no time constraints; candidates are encouraged to progress through the tasks in a manner that is comfortable to them. Full details can be accessed from the links below.

All candidates will require a file/folder to keep the evidence of their progress through the scheme. They can organise their folder as they wish but it should include a record of their show entries with results achieved by their cat; completed worksheets; second stewarding certificates; table work certificates; presentation critiques from the judges; evidence of attendance at a BAC Seminar and a diary of all personal research etc. completed to increase their interest in and knowledge of cats. Parents and candidates should be aware though that the downloading of quantities of information from websites and its inclusion in folders will not be recognised as of special merit; it is the candidate’s involvement with their cat; personal participation in shows; interest in cats and personal knowledge of cats that is important.