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Information for Judges and Stewards

Judges play a pivotal role at GCCF shows, as they interpret the Standards of Points and grant titles to those cats that, in their opinion, most closely conform.

How to train

Breed Advisory Committees monitor the training and performance of the Judges on its list and candidates wishing to become Judges within its Probationer Judge Appointment Scheme.

First steps

Judges Review Group

This group was set up to review the training and promotion of GCCF Judges and Stewards.

Minutes & Reports

Judge appointments

The list of appointments to Pupil Judge, and promotions to Full Judge, will be published on the GCCF website on a weekly basis.

Approvals & appointments


The GCCF judge system is administered by the relevant Breed Advisory Committees. This page contains the relevant information and updates for all Judges.

Judge updates


If you enjoy showing why not try stewarding at a show, either for the pleasure of handling different breeds, with a view to becoming a GCCF Steward, or eventually a Judge.

Steward updates

Veterinary Defects Guide

When breeding to modify the shape of any species of animal to produce distinct breed types there is a danger that selection for exaggerated type will lead to deformities.

Standard list of withholding faults

Pet insurance for cat owners