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The GCCF judge system is administered by the relevant Breed Advisory Committees. For alphabetical listings of judges and other information please click on the link below for the Guild of GCCF Judges & Stewards.

Information for Judges – Please note that Rule 17 of the Rules of Procedure in the GCCF Judge Appointment Scheme (March 2009) is now covered by the New Stewarding Scheme. Also please note there have been changes to some of the Judge Appointment Scheme forms so that application is made to the relevant BAC rather than the GCCF Office.

Judges play a pivotal role in the GCCF as they interpret the Standards of Points and grant titles to those cats that, in their opinion, most closely conform. This is a huge responsibility and one that no judge can ever take lightly.

The GCCF relies upon its Judges to share their expertise and knowledge with their stewards and to guide, educate and assess those candidates wishing to become future judges.

The Guild of GCCF Judges & Stewards is listing those colleagues who are Full Judges and willing to become designated Tutor Judges. Those interested in undertaking this important role may contact the Guild at


Peter Moormann is a well respected international judge who has written an article on The Psychology of Judging Cats which is both informative and entertaining.