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If you enjoy breeding or showing you may wish to try stewarding at a cat show, either for the pleasure of handling many different cats and learning more about them, or with a view to becoming a qualified GCCF Steward. You might even think about becoming a Judge at some time in the future!

If you take a clean white coat with you to cat shows, you may hear the Show Manager call for a volunteer steward if one has failed to arrive. Volunteer to help, making sure that the Show Manager knows that you are a novice, and you may find that you have a much more interesting day than you had anticipated.

New Stewarding Scheme

Delegates at the October Council Meeting 2011 approved the New Stewarding Scheme brought forward by the Guild of GCCF Judges and Stewards. The scheme aims to train candidates to become successful and confident stewards with full support as they work towards becoming a GCCF Steward. The Guild wishes to ensure all candidates are taught the required skills by monitoring, guiding and advising them as they progress through the programme. The Guild’s aim is to make the whole experience enjoyable but educational.

The relevant forms for the new scheme are listed below. Please take time to study the Rules of Procedure; these will help you understand the aims of the scheme and the procedure you need to follow. The Guidance Notes have been updated. They will help you to know how to book and work through Stewarding Engagements andalso advise you of the duties and demeanour expected of a steward as well as moregeneral information.

The Guild has received enquiries from a number of stewards already working through the present scheme asking for advice as to the best way forward. To help with this query an advice sheet has been added below “What if I am already on the Scheme?”

Please note that forms 1 – 6 of the gccf judge appointment scheme forms and bac rules of procedure:  rules 5 and 17 no longer apply to the new stewarding scheme. However, there will be candidates working through the previous system at the present time. No steward should be disadvantaged by the introduction of the new stewarding scheme and it is the individual steward’s choice whether to remain with the previous scheme or to change