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How to enter

Entry is online via the GCCF STAR show system – no paper or postage needed. You need to have an account with the GCCF Online Services to take advantage of this great time-saver.

If you have any difficulties in entering or are unable to use the online entry system, in the first instance, please contact the following, who will be able to assist you.

Caroline Turner-Russell


Tel: 01594 564390

Please do not address any entry queries to the GCCF Office team or to the Show Manager

How to qualify

Kittens (cats under nine months old on show day) do not need to qualify but must be 14 weeks old, i.e. born on or before 12th July 2024, registered before the published closing date and transferred before the show.

All cats over 9 months whether Adult or Neuter, must either have won a certificate, i.e. CC, PC or MC, at a show in the exhibit’s own right at any time or qualified by obtaining a 1st in a kitten breed class up to the date of closing, within the current show year since January 2024.

Breeds which are not yet recognised by the GCCF cannot compete but are allowed on exhibition provided that they are registered with the GCCF.

All certificates (except UK) count towards titles even if the judge has already awarded your cat a certificate Counter signatures are not required.

When a cat which has been awarded a certificate at the Supreme Show is entered under the same judge, for the equivalent certificate, during the following three months, then at one subsequent show this judge can be regarded as a replacement judge for the purpose of requesting a countersignature.

Class Structure & Titles – Pedigree

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Class Structure & Titles – Household Pets

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Supreme Competitions

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