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FAQ’s – The Supreme Show

Has my cat qualified?

Yes if:

  • It is an adult or neuter and has won a Challenge, Premier, Intermediate, Adult/Neuter Merit or Mastercat Certificate at any time at a GCCF show.
  • It will still be a kitten (over 14 weeks and under 9 months old on show day) at the show and was registered before the closing date and transferred 10 days before the show.
  • Adults and Neuters that will be over 9 months on the day of the show but do not become adult until 1st January 2023 are allowed the concession of using a win in a Breed kitten class at a GCCF Championship show as their qualification.

My cat belonged to someone else when it qualified – can I still enter?

Yes – it is the cat which qualifies, not the owner.

Do not forget to transfer the cat into your name at least 10 days before the show. If you can transfer it before the closing date please do so because it reduces the work for the Show Team.

Can you explain about decorating my cat’s pen?

All show pens at the Supreme are size 4 ft x 2 ft. You can simply drape them in any colour you choose, or add items inside the pen such as a decorated bed, or place decorations on top of the pen. These are a couple (see right) from a previous show to give you some ideas.

The top of the pen will be left open for you to decorate and you will need to secure this BEFORE placing your cat in. There will be ties provided but you may want to bring cable ties. If you do, bring scissors to remove them after the show.
Wire cutters if having Wire hung drapes
Wire or hooks for drapes
Spare hooks for wire eves
Cable ties
Sticky tape
If you are decorating your pen on Friday, you can do this after 5pm, but you must collect a permit from the admin table and then leave this on your own pen overnight
Please also double and triple check you are decorating the right pen!! Friday pens have been set up before incorrectly only to be removed by the correct pen owner on Saturday.

Can you give me a list of suggested essentials for Supreme Show Day?

Cat (the right one!)
Carrier preferably top opening
Vaccination cards
Exhibitor Paperwork on email
If required only, additional information for duty vet e.g. Cat has superlorin chip
White blanket for judging pen
Spare white tray if required
Tray for pen
Litter with spare
Water bowls
Bottle of water
Food and food bowls, fork
Puppy pads if used
Disinfectant wipes
Baby wipes
Small dustpan and brush
Nappy sacks
Plastic bags
Kitchen Roll
Clothes brush or lint roller
Grooming kit
Claw clippers
Camping chair
Highlighter pen
Sticky page markers
Luggage labels for pen number on carrier
Paracetamol or equivalent (for humans)
Comfy shoes (for humans)
Layered clothing
Phone charger

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