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FAQ’s – The Supreme Show

Has my cat qualified?

Yes if:

  • It is an adult or neuter and has won a Challenge, Premier, Intermediate or Adult/Neuter Merit Certificate at any time at a GCCF show.
  • It will still be a kitten (over 4 and under 9 months old on show day) at the show and was registered before the closing date and transferred 10 days before the show.
  • Adults and Neuters that will be over 9 months on the day of the show but do not become adult until 1st May have less chance of gaining their first certificate between 1st May and the closing date of the show and are therefore allowed the concession of using a win in an Breed kitten class at a GCCF Championship show as their qualification.
  • It is a Household Pet exhibit and has won a MC at a GCCF Championship show at any time or a 1st as a kitten.

My cat belonged to someone else when it qualified – can I still enter?

Yes – it is the cat which qualifies, not the owner.

Do not forget to transfer the cat into your name at least 10 days before the show. If you can transfer it before the closing date please do so because it reduces the work in the Office.