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How to Qualify

UPDATE:  Board of Directors Meeting   4th March 2022 

BD4193 2.6  It was agreed that no qualification would be required for exhibits this year as there had not been a complete show programme. 

Kittens (cats under nine months old on show day) do not need to qualify but must be 14 weeks old, i.e. born on or before 15th July 2022, registered before the published closing date and transferred before the show.

If they are a kitten on the day of the show they do not need to qualify, however if they are 9 months i.e. adult, be it it Neuter or Entire, they must either have won a certificate at a show in the exhibit’s own right or qualified within the current show year by obtaining a 1st in kitten breed class up to the date of closing within the current show year since June 2022.

Adults and Neuters that will be over 9 months on the day of the show but do not become adult until 1st June 2022 have less chance of gaining their first certificate between 1st June and the closing date of the show and are therefore allowed the concession of using a win in a Breed kitten class at a GCCF Championship show as their qualification.

Breeds which are not yet recognised by the GCCF cannot compete but are allowed on exhibition provided they are registered with the GCCF.

All certificates (except UK) count towards titles even if the judge has already awarded your cat a certificate.

How to Enter

Schedules for the Supreme Cat Show when published, will be available by post from the GCCF office (please send A5 size 9×6 Stamped addressed envelope) and on the website.