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Supreme Competitions



Class entry fee is £10 per kitten

This class will be judged with owners handling their own kittens and is open to any kitten, Pedigree or Household pet, entered in this year’s show.

All kitten entries will be randomly allocated into four preliminary classes and the owners of the four class winners will be awarded a voucher for free entry for one cat to the 2023 Supreme Show.  The four winners will then be judged against each other and the following prizes awarded.

The judges for the class will be announced on the day of the show.

1st prize £50 + Special Supreme Rosette

2nd prize £30 + Special Supreme Rosette

3rd prize £20 + Special Supreme Rosette


Class entry fee is £10 per cat/kitten

This class will be judged at the pens on temperament and condition.

The class may be split depending on the size of the entry and the judge/s will be announced on the day of the show.

Open to all RED, WHITE & BLUE cats and kittens, Pedigree or Household Pet and these can be with or without white and of any pattern or points.  Cats and kittens with d, w or a in their GEMS code are eligible.

1st prize £50 + Special Supreme Rosette

2nd prize £30 + Special Supreme Rosette

3rd prize £20 + Special Supreme Rosette


All competition and exhibition pens, excluding ‘Meet the Cats’ pens, are eligible for the SUPREME SHOW DECORATED PEN COMPETITION. This year the theme will be  “Celebrating the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II and her Platinum Jubilee.”

Those wishing to enter the competition should use this year’s theme to decorate their pen which will then be considered automatically by our judges.  Any pens not decorated when the judge visits them will not be considered.  Entry into the competition is not compulsory; simple drapes to set off your cat to its best advantage are equally acceptable.  Decorations may include information about your cat, including name, pedigree and cattery details if you wish.

Please remember that it is essential to allow space in the pen for the cat to be comfortable.

The tops of the pens are left unclipped for ease of access.  Please ensure your cat’s pen top is secured as soon as your decorations are complete.  Ties are provided.

N.B. Approximate pen size is 4ft x 2ft x 2ft high.  (All exhibits have double pens).

NOTE: You may set up your decorated pens from approx. 3.00 pm on the Friday.  You must book in with the Show Manager and collect a clearance pass to put on your pen.

Fire Regulations require that drapes should be fire–proofed and private electrical supplies must be limited to low voltage dry batteries.  Also note that no balloons or other inflatables are permitted.